Andy Smith

andy_smith.jpgAndy started learning piano at the age of 7 and trumpet aged 14.  He went on to college and studied with Bob Hobart on trumpet.  This is when the trumpet became the main instrument, well, the instrument that generated the cash.


At the age of 21 Andy left college and for the next 18 months did the occasional pit orchestra job and brass ensemble work.  Regular paying gigs were few and far between, so Andy worked in a restaurant in Richmond Surrey.


Whilst working there one of Andy’s colleagues introduced him to the music of the most successful ‘Brit, Funk’ band of all time – Level 42.  This bands music became the most influential of all music for Andy, as anyone that knows Andy will confirm.  Maybe one day he will persuade WGTD to do a number or two.

Andy listens to a wide variety of music, his favourite piece of classical being the ballet ‘Romeo & Juliet’ composed by Prokofiev and he LOVES anything funky.


Back in 1998 when WGTD was formed, Andy started in the band playing trumpet.  As the months progressed the original keyboard player left and Andy stepped up and decided to give it a go.  This is when he approached Lee to come along.  Andy uses three keyboards – Roland XP30, Roland RD700SX and a Korg N5.  This gives him a combined total of over 6000 sounds at his fingertips and the ability to add a little something extra to the tracks the band plays.  He is on about getting a 4th unit, but the band say he takes up too much room as it is.

Currently Andy spends his spare time teaching trumpet and piano when he is not on the golf course.  His playing now centres around the keyboards, including Big Band work and instrumental accompanying.

For Andy, the biggest kick he gets from music is playing live and getting people to dance – that’s when he’s not listening to Level 42 !

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