Joel Newell

Joel initially started playing guitar at around 12 years old, but it was really the saxophone WGTD 1 22

that interested him, which he was unable to afford until a good few years later.

Joel is mostly self taught but did have various private lessons along the way and now the proud owner of a Selmer MkVI.

He has played in various local & semi-pro bands over the years; Some Like It Hot, Loose Joose, Giro, Tayong & The Maintrees, The Powders, Nightshade, Big Band Swing etc.  It was dack in the mid 90's that Joel first met Lee (trumpet) while playing with Giro as guest horn players on the larger gigs. Years later they would be playing in the same bands again joining WGTD & BBS.

Joel now mainly plays with WGTD having officially joined in 2010 and a ska band called The Riffs.

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