Liam Burgoyne

liam picLiam started playing keyboards aged 8, inspired by classical music and soundtracks from films.
Boredom and a growing interest in heavier music styles eventually led to the drums.
Starting at age 12, Liam was listening to progressive and alt rock such as Rush, Dream Theater, Linkin Park and Evanescence.
Taught by John Graham of MOBO winning band The Funky Beehive and playing in rock and brass bands throughout secondary school, Liam decided to take a step up to the professional level and sought instruction from Sebastiaan Dekrom (Herbie Hancock, Jamie Cullum) and Allan Cox (West End, Cliff Richard, The Temptations).
After finishing school, Liam joined hardcore band AsEverythingUnfolds (Long Branch Records), releasing two EPs and touring the UK club circuit with them before moving on to to play on cruise ships.
A curiosity in the origins of the instrument lead to Jazz playing with BigBandSwing, KIX Jazz Orchestra and NYJO Academy.
Now also a teacher himself at JohntheDrumSchool, doing one to ones and group sessions as well as lessons in schools, he gets a kick out of helping students discover new abilities of expression and creativity.
Liam continues to indulge in a variety of musical situations including rock covers bands, big band jazz, musical theatre, tribute shows and function bands. Who’s Got The Dog’s uniquely soul and funk oriented repertoire is always a blast!

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