Matt James
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matt_manning1.jpgMatt was born in High Wycombe in Aug 1981. He had always shown an interest in drums and was 5 years old when he began to play. His love of his parent’s record collection consisting mainly of Phil Collins/Genesis and a few others were a great inspiration to him, and many a wooden spoon was broken in place of drumsticks much to his mum’s dismay. This prompted her to arrange proper lessons for him a few years later.

Matt continued lessons throughout school and upon leaving continued to develop his own style and technique. In 1998 he joined the Aylesbury Community Concert Band, where he played percussion for 7 years. During this period, he depped for Soundforce where he met Lee and Pam. Lee snapped him up as a Dep for WGTD and he joined as a full time member in 2004.

He has played with various groups over the years including Chaos Theory, Zarak, Bridgefield, and The Shaker Heights. And in 2003, Matt participated in a concert in Tribute to Genesis, his “calling”. Aside from many, many other deputy gigs, shows and recordings, he is also a mobile DJ for Blaze in Aylesbury.

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