Matthew David
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matt david

Matthew has enjoyed singing and dancing from an early age. He got his break into the “Big Time” thanks to years of nagging from his mother, this was at the London Palladium along side Tommy Steele in “Hans Anderson” and was quick to find out that whilst singing and performing he could no longer hear his mother nag. RESULT!

Not only can Matt sing but he can perform a great tap routine whilst playing the acoustic guitar (not yet simultaneously)

Matt has taken part in many Musical Theatre productions and joined the band in 2001 after being spotted singing in a local production of Dracula Spectacula.

The musical Matt is a complete contrast when zipped in his leathers and letting the throttle out on his motorbike a friend once described him as a cross between Barry Sheen and David Essex!  That person got a slap for the 2nd comparison.

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