With the influence of two musical and creative parents, Max Maxwell started his music career

when he WGTD 1 16was a mere toddler, hitting pots and pans with a wooden spoon (yes, it does really happen). However, the sonic and practical limitations of kitchen implements soon became obvious to him, and he progressed to the djembe, and then the drum kit at age 10.


This did not quite provide the amount of attention, ego-stroking and female-interaction that he had hoped. Besides, it messed up his hair.


To make up for this, Maxwell decided to take up the guitar as well!

Over the coming years, music became the focus of Maxwell’s life, and he immersed himself in all the musical (not to mention alimentary) nourishment he could find, developing an interest in everything from the progressive metal stylings of Tool to the infectious groove of James Brown to the jazz weirdosity of John Coltrane.  


Despite everyone’s best efforts to steer him towards a saner path, he decided he might want to make a career out of playing. After honing his craft at local jam nights he began playing regularly with bands and has been doing so ever since. His musical exploits have led him to play many international tours with different bands, as well as playing prestigious venues such as the Camden Underworld, The Loreley, The Ace Café and High Voltage Festival.


Max made his debut with WGTD in January 2013