Richard Galley



Richard started to play music like most people at school with the recorder and guitar.  He then went on to play the violin, which he continued with through middle and secondary school and also gaining acceptance and membership to High Wycombe Music Centre.

Richard decided to swap to playing the bass at school because his violin playing was so bad and due to his love for music, taking on another instrument would allow him to continue to be a member of various bands.  (The truth is he got less mickey taking carrying a bass than the violin).

Richard has played a great variety of music since his school and music centre days, playing in many groups from local rock bands, big band jazz & swing bands, Barn dance bands (no comment) and has also been involved in numerous amatuer theatre productions.

As a teenager Richard used to listen to Stanley Clark in amazement but believe that the best players are the likes of; James Jamerson, Donald “Duck” Dunn and other unsung heroes of soul, funk & dance music of the 60’s & 70’s.  In Richards words “Those nice fat grooves that just want to make you move”.



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