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How much will it cost to hire WGTD?
This depends very much on the individual circumstances and location of each event. Please contact us for a quote.
What are the Payment Terms?
We request that a 20% non-refundable deposit is paid to confirm the booking followed by a part payment of 30% of the agreed fee 28 days before the event. The remaining balance is then to be settled at the beginning of the event it self.
Payment can either be by cash or cheque made payable to Who’s Got The Dog
What kind of music do you play?
We play Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk & Disco from the Sixties to the present day.
Rather than focus on one type / style of music, we pride ourselves on being a band that have a repertoire of music that contains a little something for everyone. Having a 4 piece horn section also adds to that great live sound
How many members are in the band?
WGTD are a 10 Piece band plus 2 crew.  The band is made up of the following:
Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Trombone, Trumpet, Male & Female Vocalists
Would you reduce in size for a smaller venue?
Our music has been written especially for us based on our band line up, to remove a player would effect the sound of the number being played.
How long do you play for?
Usually somewhere in the region of two hours, but this is largely up to you. Typically we will play 2 x 1 hour sets, with a 30 minute break in between but we can be flexible to fit in with whatever schedule you may already have. The common rule of thumb for a band is 2 x 45 minute sets, so we exceed the norm.
How far will you travel?
This largely depends on your budget. We are based in, and play predominantly around, Aylesbury & Home Counties. However, we would consider most places in the UK.  Travelling expenses and any accommodation if required would have to be reflected in the fee.
We are also happy to consider international travel upon request.
Can I come and see you?
Naturally enough, most of our private functions are just that, but we recommend that prospective clients come along to one of our public gigs to have a listen, failing this you would be welcome to come along to one of our rehearsals, but please remember that a rehearsal is a rehearsal.  We will be stopping and starting to perfect the numbers, but will happily run the odd few for you to hear.
We also have a demo CD available as an example of our style and repertoire; we can also provide a sample set list upon request.
Do you do requests?
Not really as we all play from music that is placed into a running order / set, prior to the event.
For private events we welcome requests for your favourite songs, although the more notice you can give us the better! In the past we have been asked for specific songs, and providing they are in our existing repertoire have added them to the set.
If a number is requested outside of our repertoire we can investigate obtaining the sheet music so that we can play it for you, however, this is likely to result in an additional charge.
Can we put together the band set list?
We welcome input from the individual who has booked the band, requesting specific numbers within our repertoire to be included, but we have a structured and well tried & tested format of the set layout.  Therefore it is not possible to put the set list together yourself
Can one of my guests get up and sing or play with the band?
We tend to stay away from this, however we welcome any one of your guests to come up and sing or play a song alone or with the band for a special dedication, but we must insist that the person in question has rehearsed the number with the band in advance to ensure a professional performance on the day of your event.
Requests on the night for this will be refused unfortunately.
Will the band have any special requirements at the event?
A suitable area to perform with a minimum of four adjacent 240v power supplies, solely for the use of the band, more are preferable.
Access to changing facilities is sometimes desirable (particularly for more formal events) and basic refreshments help to keep us fuelled for a top performance.
We usually require 2-3 parking spaces, one of which would be for a large, transit-style van.
Timing wise, we usually require an absolute minimum of 3 hours to set-up our equipment and carry out a suitable sound check prior to guest arrival.
How much room does the band need?
Chances are that your private venue will have at least as much space as some of the smaller venues, but a 24' x 12' (8mtr x 4mtr) minimum would be ideal. Reasonable headroom is also required, as well as suitable access for loading and unloading equipment. The more room the better.
If there is a raised stage / performance area available this is also welcomed.
If you can accommodate a small area (approx 1.5mtr x 2mtr ) with power at the rear of the venue for our sound equipment / engineers this would be preferable ; but not vital as the Crew are adaptable.


Is the band covered under an insurance policy?
Yes, each band member is individually covered and as a band we are covered by a £5m Public Liability insurance policy. More details are available upon request.
How long has the band been together?
Who’s Got The Dog? has existed, in various forms, since 1998. The members have all known each other for years and have a huge amount of musical experience under their belts.
Are the band members we see going to be the musicians we get?
The band is a rehearsed and set group, always performing with the same members. We have 'deps' who cover the occasional holiday or other absence, and who have rehearsed and gigged with us on many occasions also, so the quality of the performance does not alter.
What if a band member gets sick?
In the unlikely event that a band member is too ill to perform, he or she will be replaced by an equally talented performer, as above, this ‘dep’ player will be of the same standard of the regular band member.
What if we cancel our event?
Payment usually takes the form of a 20% non-refundable deposit. A further 30% of the agreed fee is then payable no more than 28 days prior to the event and is also non-refundable. The remainder is then due on the night itself.
If you are able to give more than 28 days notice of cancellation, you will only be liable for the 20% already paid as a deposit. Less notice than this means that you will still be liable for the second instalment, but not for the final 50%.
Do I have to feed the band?
We would certainly appreciate the gesture, although it is by no means mandatory. All we ask is that you let us know in advance so we can make arrangements of our own if the band will not be fed. Snacks and soft drinks are usually ample.
Drinking water, however, must be available.
What does the band wear at private gigs?
Depending upon the event, the band will usually wear all black for private functions and weddings but we're happy to dress to suit your occasion / request. In the past we have worn full DJ’s to more formal events.
Do you play CDs ?
We have a professional CD player & MP3 player that connect to our full PA system. If you have a certain song or songs to be played we can accommodate the request if notified in advance of the event. We will play background music prior, between and after our performance, but please bear in mind that we will not have the variety of numbers a professional DJ would have, so we would be unable to play requests. Our main aim is to provide non-stop music for your event.
Will the band be too loud?
We take volume and sound quality issues seriously and will try to tailor our sound to meet the requirements of your event, your guests and the venue. As a function band we will be playing music for people to dance to.
Please bear in mind that because of the size of the band the brass section would be reasonably loud even without any amplification
If your venue has a Sound Level Control system that controls the electrical power to the Bands playing area can you please let us know in advance, along with the threshold levels this equipment is set to.


Do you carry back up equipment?
We try to have contingencies for our equipment where practical. We carry spare leads, cables, batteries and microphones to all gigs and private events. We have our own sound engineer and band technician to look after this kind of situation should it arise.
Could You Provide A DJ?
With sufficient notice we can arrange this, we have links with DJ’s that have worked with us in the past, however this request will result in an additional charge.
Do you provide Security?
Event security and safety are the responsibility of the organisers / venue.


WGTD will not tolerate any abuse of its members or equipment; any such acts will result in immediate termination of the performance and possible prosecution / legal action against the perpetrators.